Research Themes

While broad, our work currently consists of four key strands:

The New You
Technologies are not just about command-and-control, but impinge deeply on our sense of self. From the selfie and social media to platforms and apps, we examine how these architectures inflect identity, emotionality and the psyche. Research on these issues helps us understand how we think about ourselves and others.

The New Politics
Rather than a ‘mere’ tool, technologies are political in that they allow certain ways of being, thinking and relating while disabling others. Technologies are embedded with particular understandings of identity, race, class and gender. These values and affordances increasingly shape our own capacities to work and live.

The New Work
From the gig economy to digitisation, labour is becoming radically reconfigured. But what are the conditions, rights and responsibilities of this new regime? By critically examining real-world work scenarios, we draw out implications and future possibilities.

The New Environment
Climate change and shrinking biodiversity are global challenges with local footprints. How are technical architectures reframing our relationship to nature and our understanding of the non-human? Here we are particularly focused on how theory and practice can come together to develop sustainable, mutually beneficial futures.