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While acknowledging the vital importance of critical, considered research, we also agree with the growing consensus - the current academic publishing model is fundamentally broken. It places publicly funded research behind paywalls, and is predicated on free labor by academics, driving some of the highest profit margins in the world to the publishers.

In response to these extractive, exploitative conditions, we choose to publish in an open-access format, making research freely available to a much broader public. Free here is more than a price tag, it means making media itself free to read, share and build upon: open formats like EPUB and open licensing agreements like Creative Commons.

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Angry by Design

Luke Munn

Hate speech and toxic communication online is on the rise. This project approaches this issue through the lens of design, exploring the features and affordances of Facebook, YouTube, and Gab. In what ways might these architectures be contributing to polarizing, impulsive, or antagonistic behaviours?

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December 2019

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Нооскоп: The Nooscope as Geopolitical Myth

Anna Tokareva

Tokareva explores the Nooscope, a vision of planetary scale computation outlined in a pseudoscientific paper and a slide deck. Blurring science and mysticism, the Nooscope resonates with other big data imaginaries but also diverges from them, forming its own Soviet myth of ‘capitalizing the future’.

December 2018

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Wondrous Device: A Historical Reader on the Machine

From Pascal to Leibniz, Marx to Hollerith, this anthology compiles key historical texts on the concept of the machine. In calculating numbers, automating labor and demonstrating intelligence, the machine is not just a mechanism for activity, but part of a longstanding dream seeking to outdo and outlast the human.

November 2018


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A Shining Beacon: The Political Promise of Bitcoin


Cryptocurrencies were never simply another form of money, but presented the promise of anonymous exchange, of trust-less transactions, and of an economy free from the state. From cryptograffiti to dark web posts, the texts in this anthology explore the politics underpinning the Bitcoin dream.

September 2018


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